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My name is Nina, and I have been traveling full time since 2014. I grew up in a home without much technology usage. I was terrified of computers! As I got older, I was forced to learn the basics, but still didn’t use the computer much. I got my first smartphone and tablet when I was 19 and my first laptop when I was 20. I wanted to travel, but could only afford it by working as a maid and child caretaker. I couldn’t travel the way I wanted to with these options.

I wanted to travel full time, so after much research, I learned that I could work online! I worked as a telemarketer during my first year of travel, while I was learning more about the online world. I got an English teaching job that let me have lessons over Skype in 2015, and have been teaching ever since.

I found my love for WordPress in 2017. I started studying hard every day and have successfully built several sites and helped many others since then.

This was the start of Nina’s Desk.